4 Tips for Web Summit Success

The Web Summit offers an incredible way to grow your business or career with so many diverse attendees (10,000 this year!!), industry experts and thought leaders. I’m primarily interested in the Cloud Stage as I’ve helped curate it and Cloud Computing has been my area for more than a decade.

1. Define Success

My goal for the Web Summit is to catchup with peers and meet new people doing interesting things in the Cloud. I’m moderating the Future of the Cloud panel – so that gives me an opportunity to meet leaders in my industry. Lots of them. In a couple of days.

I’m also looking forward to talking to lots of attendees and exhibitors that are existing and prospective users of Copper.io‘s stack of Cloud tools. Getting to chat in detail with this many companies and listen to  their pain points, current solutions, and talk about how we can help is invaluable business development. And since we’re growing a team – I’m also on the look out for attendees that are in the Cloud space – developers and growth hackers – to join Copper.io. What’s success for you? Are you looking for a job? A co-founder? Customers? New team mates? Define it and make a plan.

2. Arrange Meetings – NOW

The Web Summit provides a great resource with the public attendee list. Go through this. The people you want to meet – find on Linkedin or Twitter; the companies you want to meet find people representing them and do the same. If you’re diligent you’ll spend a half day or more on this.

You should aim for at least 20 meetings setup with your target market (potential customers, employees or employers depending on your perspective) before the event begins. This is the single most useful thing I do to get value from events, otherwise you’re hoping serendipity will get you in front of the right people. There’s going to be 10,000 people at this – you’ll surely meet lots of interesting folks – but don’t leave it to chance!

3. Plan your schedule

I’m a Cloud guy – and the Cloud stage lineup this year is fantastic. The Cloud stream is better than most dedicated Cloud events – there’s CTOs and CEOs of *all* the major Cloud companies globally; and there are panels where they will be debating their unique perspectives. If Cloud is your thing, this year is going to be great. Try to look at all the talks you’re interested in and build your own schedule to get maximum value.

4. Networking is more important than listening.

In my opinion, while the talks and speakers are world-class; you can listen to them anytime and often find the talks online. It may sound obvious – but try to get as much targeted networking done as possible. Where else do you get a collection of like-minded people under one roof for a few days?

From a Cloud perspective, this year’s line up is jam packed with thought leaders. I’m really looking forward to talking about the State of the Cloud and then the Future of the Cloud with speakers and attendees.

– What’s next for Cloud pricing?
– Where is Hybrid Cloud going?
– What’s the biggest barrier to adoption now – is it security, has the NSA scandal made an impact on sales?
–  What new tools are emerging in the stack to help developers and web businesses?
– Any crazy trends people are seeing that are unexpected?

Ed Byrne is CEO of Copper.io; a full stack of application management and monitoring tools. Copper helps developers deploy and manage applications quickly and provides powerful tools for scaling and monitoring. Previously Ed founded Cloudvertical which provided Cloud Economics tools – and to date has analysed of $250 million in IT infrastructure spend for customers. Web Summit 2013 is now SOLD OUT. If you’d like to see Ed speak at the Web Summit, you can join the 2013 waitlist here and/or sign up for 2014 here.

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