4 Summits in 1 – Web Summit Explained

Last year, 10,000+ tech enthusiasts came to Dublin to share ideas, and most importantly learn from each other – this year 20,000+ are coming for the same event, on four different platforms. Here’s a brief explainer of what each Summit will cover


In November Web Summit returns to Dublin, but this time with a difference. At the 2014 event, there are going to be four different Summits all dedicated to spreading thoughts and ideas from the four biggest areas of business and tech.

The Enterprise, Marketing, Machine, and Builders Summits will all have their own dedicated campuses and main stage, giving each of these industries a solid base for speakers to share ideas about their specific trade, attendees the chance to network with other like-minded people with the same interests as them, and a chance to experience workshops that are specifically tailored to help them learn new concepts and approaches to their business.

20,000 people are all converging on Web Summit, all with different interests, but with a common goal – to share knowledge. It can be a bit confusing, so we’ve decided to breakdown for you exactly what each Summit will be covering and some of the exciting announcements revealed to date:


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 17.49.19 copy

Who’s coming: Werner Vogels (Amazon, CTO), Anna Patterson (Google, VP of Engineering), Zach Sims (Codecademy, Founder)

In 25 words or less the Builders Summit is… a dedicated space at Web Summit 2014 for technology creators, software developers, and web designers to exchange ideas and learn from each other

This is a Summit for the people laying the foundations of future tech and software developments that will have a lasting effect on how we live our lives in the new digital world.  Zach Sims, Anna Patterson, and Werner Vogels are all confirmed to attend and they’re all coming because they understand the importance of getting the ball rolling when it comes to discussing the role that developers and designers play when it comes to advancing technology.


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 16.53.14

Who’s coming: Drew Houston (Dropbox, Founder + CEO), John Engates (Rackspace, CTO), Justin Rosenstein (Asana, Co-Founder)

In 25 words or less the Enterprise Summit is… A gathering of the best Founders and CEOs with the tips startups need to know

The best way to explain what the Enterprise Summit is would be to list off all the names who are set to attend who have an endless list of tips to share with startups. This will be a gathering of the people who have a keen eye for new groundbreaking business models, ideas that will change the way we live, and Founders who know how to raise a dollar or two… or million. This all sums up one of Enterprise Summit’s flagship speakers Drew Houston – the Founder and CEO of Dropbox. He will take to the Enterprise Summit Stage, will you be there to hear him out?


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 18.00.31

Who’s coming: Ryan Smith (Qualtrics, CEO), Sarah Robb O’Hagan (Equinox, President), Jim Bankoff (Vox Media, CEO)

In 25 words or less the Marketing Summit is... Where you can learn from the people redefining how we interact with digital content

The onset of the digital-age has revolutionised the access businesses have to new mediums of promoting their products and services. Not only is there new platforms for this sort of promotion, but there is also innovative news ways now available to get people engaging with your business. Web Summit recognises that this industry is ever-changing wants to give a stage for those setting the benchmarks, developing the new strategies, and taking the ‘one big step for mankind’ in Digital Marketing. Join them and maybe you could pick up a tip or two along the way.


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 17.56.04

Who’s coming: Liam Casey (PCH, CEO), Alex Hawkinson (SmartThings, CEO + Founder), Ayah Bdeir (littleBits, Founder + CEO)

In 25 words or less the Machine Summit is… An opportunity to learn about + join the revolution that is redefining how we interact with everyday products using the internet

We’re currently going through a new industrial age and entering uncharted waters. The internet has been around for a long time now, but as a society we still don’t quite have a grasp of the potential it has to change our lives – this is where the Internet of Things Summit swoops in. On this platform, speakers will share with tech enthusiasts their ideas about how the world is going to adapt to this new wave of products that are allowing us to remotely control all aspects of our lives and maybe a long the way, you could pick up some tips about how your business can join the revolution.

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