34 Startups from… Germany! – Part 1

Every week we’re featuring a selection of startups from cities around the world who’ll join 10,000+ international attendees in Dublin, October 30th and 31st. The Web Summit will be largest global gathering of startups, investors, tech CEO’s, media and more any where in the world in 2013.

Already flying the flag for Germany this week we have 34 exciting early stage startups, 17 of which you can find full details for below. Full details for our second installment of German startups will be published later this week. You’ll find a selection of more startups from all over the world attending the Web Summit here.



ITONICS methods and tools enable better strategic decisions using collaborative methods, sustainable transformation and innovation. Clients use ITONICS solutions to identify and interpret trends, create scenarios and shape the future.

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elastic.io GmbH is a startup from Bonn, Germany. Its main product is an award-winning cloud integration platform that enables ISVs to fill their integration AppStore in minutes, not days. ISVs will get more revenue, users and will reduce costs whilst keeping the end-user relationship and getting actionable insights. Every new ISV on the platform makes it more valuable for others.

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readfy is your one stop social flatrate reading shop. readfy allows you to read as much as you like for free or with additional benefits for a small monthly premium fee.

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Xymatic is a Berlin based company, building a Next-Generation Web 3D Engine that enables HTML5 3D Games and Applications directly in your Browser. Developed from one codebase, deployed once, running everywhere.

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Augmentation Industries

AI developed the patent pending mad technology that connects any car manufactured after 2000 to the internet and makes ALL car data available (e.g. number of seatbelts used, fuel left, milage, etc.). This data can be used by smartphones to power apps.

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twigspot’s first iOS version has been released in Q4/2012. A 6-digit number of installs from more than 90 countries has been reached with a low 5-digit marketing invest, more than 85% of all sessions are from recurring users.




synchronite is the hidden champion in providing co-browsing for the Web. Its real-time collaboration solutions enable customers to share what they see in the browser-instantly and in real-time. It has customers in E-Commerce, insurance, and banking.




Goalympia provides a B2B platform to define and track team goals, and to manage interactive business competitions. Based on a SaaS model, services are targeted to corporate clients in a highly customizable fashion including CRM/ERP data exchange.



Data Virtuality

Data Virtuality’s product seamlessly integrates data in enterprises and in the cloud. It allows you to query the whole world with SQL!


BLUEQUAR Technologies

Based on our unique short range quick response encryption technology, our vision is to enable locking via smartphone, suitable for bicycle locks, anti-theft devices for motor bikes, cars, doors and furthermore allows secure mobile payment processing.




Cliperize is a content driven social network for collecting, combining and discovering music and video content from various established online platforms. Users have the chance to build their own cloud based media library and share it with the world.



Flying by SEAT 4a

Being on a flight used to be a momentous experience; sadly today it has become an impersonal commodity. Flying by SEAT 4a wants to make the act of flying feel special again and, along the way, to bring some of the elegance and panache back.

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zehndetails is a young, international start-up from Berlin. zehndetails designs and develops software and services making knowledge sharing more human. Its first product sets a new standard in interacting and experiencing with scientific content.




SOME RECORDS enables you to records videos with daily devices (iPhone, Android, Flipcam, Digicam, …) and convert them automatically into professional, good looking movies in the style of your corporate layout.




QOOPER is the new second screen experience. EPG, social network, remote control, chat and much more. QOOPER Media connects the TV audience. Unique, innovative features like easy sharing and ad forwarding brings the user experience to a new level.



Stiller Alarm Deutschland

Stiller Alarm’s current product (V4.0) is a physical BtoB security software for the government sector. It has more than 40 customers and more than 7,000 users. Its new mobile product (currently in development) enables a B to C offering for families and elderly people.


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