3 Global Media Personalities, 1 City

Three publications, three individuals and three different angles – journalism is key to challenging, inspiring and creating new ideas globally. The Summit in November brings the most creative media minds together under one roof, to share in the action and narrate the event to a global audience. The 3 below have taken very different routes to get to Dublin, editing and corresponding for different publications before arriving with The New York Times, Informilo and The Irish TImes respectively.

Mark Scott – New York Times

London-based European Tech Correspondent for the New York Times, Mark Scott, is yet another high profile journalist that will be coming to The Summit this November. With previous experience as a correspondent for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Scott has a wide brief encompassing the whole continent, taking a special interest in the business side of technology firms in Europe.

Scott contributes consistently to Bits and DealBook on the New York Times blogs network. Bits focuses on breaking down the business side of the technology sector in Europe, while DealBook is a collation of the worldwide financial news that reports on company mergers and acquisitions.

Padmasree Media

Ben Rooney – Informilo

The past 12 months have been quite a journey for Ben Rooney, one of the most well known and respected tech journalists on the planet. He started the year as European Technology Editor for the Wall Street Journal – and by the end of January he had moved on to become Co-Editor-In-Chief of Informilo.

Ben was named European Technology Journalist of the year in 2013. 20 years ago, yes 20, in 1994 he was launch editor of the Daily Telegraph’s award winning website, and also editor of the Telegraph’s technology section. Ben also has experienced writing for the Guardian, Financial Times and Sunday Times.

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Pamela Newenham – Irish Times

Pamela is one of Ireland’s best tech journalists. Writing for the Irish Times, she focuses on the areas of innovation, technology, startups and entrepreneurship.

Her diverse talents have seen her contributing to the Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Daily Star, and the Irish Daily Mail, principally covering the courts, but Newenham also has editorial experience in lifestyle magazines such as Food and Wine.

More Journalists coming to The Summit

Jonathan Krim – Technology Editor – The Wall Street Journal

Parmy Olson – Writer – Forbes

Martin Bryant – Editor-In-Chief – The Next Web

Laura Sydell – Digital Culture Reporter – NPR

Caroline Hyde – Business Correspondent – Bloomberg TV

Alex Hoffman – Lead Editor – Gruenderszene

Ingrid Lunden – Reporter – TechCrunch

Pamela, Ben and Mark are coming to Dublin to share the story with the world. Are you? You can apply for media accreditation here.

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