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Launched at last year’s Web Summit to showcase the most high potential up-and-coming companies in the tech landscape, START has already developed a reputation for uncovering the next big thing. Don’t take our word for it – since their involvement last October, the companies that featured as part of the 2013 programme have raised hundreds of millions of dollars between them, with Nest being acquired for an eye-popping $3.2bn. Already the excitement and anticipation about this year’s lineup is palpable at Web Summit HQ, and with at least 150 companies taking part there is plenty of promise that new tech superstars will be born post-Web Summit 2014.

Nevertheless, places are still available at this year’s START for companies that have raised over $5m in funding. This year’s big-name investors will be looking for the next Startup that will make a massive impact on the industry, and with more than 1000 journalists from top international media outlets also in attendance at Web Summit 2014, the potential for taking your company to the next level is unquestionable.

The 20 listed below are the next selection of those who will be taking advantage of that potential come November. The incredible variety this list displays, coupled with the companies’ collective emphasis on innovation, sums up everything START is all about.

HelloFresh – New York, USA

HelloFresh are introducing a new way to cook. Every week, you can pick the delicious recipes you want to try and they’ll send you amazing recipes and all of the ingredients you need to prepare them. HelloFresh take care of your meal planning and they even do the shopping for you. [youtube id=’CN80Hgckpv0′]

Narrative – San Francisco, USA

The Narrative Clip is a tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. The Narrative Clip only weighs 20 grams, and with a storage capacity of 4000 pictures and enough battery life for 2 days of use, you can be sure to never miss a moment. [vimeo id=’76031372′]

Fundly – Palo Alto, USA

Fundly is changing the way individuals and organizations raise money online for the people, places and causes they care about. Since 2010, more than 50,000 campaigns have successfully raised over $325 million on the site. Fundly also works with some of the world’s largest charities including Habitat For Humanity, Teach For America, Children’s Miracle Network, and Arnold Palmer Hospitals. [youtube id=’859wkWzMo1w’]

Airhelp – San Franciso, USA

AirHelp assists air passengers in getting compensation from airlines when their flight has been cancelled, delayed or overbooked. On the AirHelp website, smartphone app or Facebook page, air passengers can check if they are eligible for compensation and request AirHelp to handle the claim on their behalf on a no win-no fee basis. If the claim is successful, AirHelp keeps 25% of the compensation amount.


Flipps – Sofia, Bulgaria

Flipps is a mobile app for entertainment enthusiasts to easily discover and project unique content onto a TV using only their smartphone. Flipps fuses what we love about mobile (touch-screen, portable, personalized) and TV (big screen immersiveness) to create the ultimate user experience. [youtube id=’YGD34233Cx4′]

Playkey – Moscow, Russia

Playkey is a cloud gaming solution, invented to make all hardcore games available on any device (Smart TV, PC, Mac, IPTV set-top-box, gaming console, tablet) without the requirement for high productivity CPU and GPU. [youtube id=’EqyNCvousZQ’]

Readdle – Odessa, Ukraine

Readdle aims to provide iPad/iPhone and iPod Touch users with high quality applications that are missing in a standard application set. They are creators of the most popular iOS productivity apps such as Documents, Scanner Pro, Calendars 5, Printer Pro and PDF Expert for iPad. Readdle are ranked as the #1 company that creates business and productivity apps on the App Store, according to Scale VP research. [vimeo id=’76063452′]

SimilarWeb – London, UK

SimilarWeb is a global leader in finding and interpreting online information. Using the company’s simple technology, Internet users can experience the very best that the web has to offer. SimilarWeb also provides businesses with the global knowledge available online through web analytics, data mining, and competitive intelligence.

[youtube id=’Sb09jaZYY7s’]

AppLift – Berlin, Germany

AppLift is mobile platform that enables users to monetize the mobile traffic associated with mobile games. It enables users to invest and earn profits through mobile traffic, while providing comprehensive and customized support for its partners.


Distil Networks – Arlington, USA

Distil Networks, Inc. is the global leader in bot detection and mitigation, offering the first software-as-a-service solution focused on stopping automated attacks. Distil works like a protective shield and blocks malicious bots, malware, and competitors that try to scrape or copy your website data without permission. [youtube id=’-U0w2Nj03aE’]

Zentrick – New York, USA

Zentrick is an online platform that drives measurable results for any video by introducing interactive elements that activate, engage and convert your audiences. zentrick

Good.Co – San Francisco, USA

Good.Co is fixing hiring and retention. Using a scientific, people-first approach to personal-strengths identification, users now have a way to quantify workplace culture fit. Roughly 50% of new hires won’t last more than 18 months due to a bad culture fit, costing companies on average $50,000 and 6 months of time. Employing research-driven psychometrics with provocative design mapped to the social graph, Good.Co aims to help employees thrive in their careers and help employers develop better workplaces. [youtube id=’0NFPTbBZens’] – London, UK

WeSwap is the world’s first person to person currency exchange for the traveller. Users swap currency with each other at the interbank exchange rate and pay a transparent fee. As well as an online account which can hold multiple currencies, users receive the WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard® which enables them to access the funds in their account anywhere that accepts MasterCard. [youtube id=’EyB62t8Is1Q’]

InvoiceSharing – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

InvoiceSharing deliver higher revenues, lower cost and better cash flow for users. Their free electronic invoicing service includes free sending and receiving of invoices, free interfacing of any billing or financial system, free validation and storage and free conversion of invoice lines to cost accounting lines. The InvoiceSharing platform is audited by EY Accountants. [youtube id=’Hx5MsM5sdk0′]

Glide – Jerusalem, Israel

Glide combines the personality of video chat with the convenience of texting, allowing you to send private video messages to friends with just a single tap. If they’re available, they can see you as you’re recording; if they’re busy or offline, they can watch or respond later – just like a text message. All messages are stored on the cloud so they don’t take up any space on your phone and can be rewatched at any time. [youtube id=’r6yCbF2Jc_8′]

joiz – Berlin, Germany

joiz is a Swiss social TV channel that produces interactive and cross-media entertainment programs for digital natives. joiz produces the majority of its own content and has created the most sophisticated broadcast technology infrastructure, combining and monetising the worlds of online, mobile, social media and television. This is the first time an entertainment company has incorporated the most advanced technological developments to super-serve youth audiences across all platforms. joiz collaborates closely with brands and advertisers and integrates them into this new and exciting world in intelligent and entertaining ways. dGB4qg-V

inPowered – San Francisco, USA

inPowered discovers and amplifies the most trusted content to help brands educate customers and drive sales. The company enables brands to find and share trusted, third-party articles and product reviews so that they can inform more consumers and shape the market’s perception of their brand. [youtube id=’9-lDpIeXVWk’]

Mailjet – Paris, France

Mailjet helps users build simple email experiences with a powerful impact. Bring your Marketing and Development teams together on one platform to build, send and optimize email campaigns.

[youtube id=’fZKEk4qmMlU’]

Freightos – Hong Kong

Freightos™ is revolutionising the trillion dollar freight (cargo) industry – which is the backbone of all supply chains – by automating sales. The Freightos software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology allows logistics companies to manage contracts, and automate and manage the quotation and sales process, from their own website. [youtube id=’v=1I0eBzeZbwY’]


Campanja – Stockholm, Sweden

Campanja’s next-generation Bid Management Solutions radically improve return on your advertising spend. Using advanced technologies such as Real Time Tracking, Predictive Modelling and High Frequency Bidding, Campanja harness the true potential of online advertising to deliver great results to its clients. [vimeo id=’50934409′]

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