20 Startups from… Israel!

Every week we’re featuring a selection of startups from cities around the world who’ll join 10,000+ international attendees in Dublin, October 30th and 31st. The Web Summit will be largest global gathering of startups, investors, tech CEO’s, media and more any where in the world in 2013.

Already flying the flag for Israel this week we have 18 exciting early stage startups, full details on which are below. You’ll also find a selection of more startups from all over the world attending the Web Summit here.


How many times have you had an amazing idea for an app but couldn’t begin to get it off the ground? Joyinapp solves this by connecting people with ideas with teams of professionals from around the world in exchange for revenue share.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList Picknpass.com

Picknpass.com is a business service provider based on an on-line community using random crowd movement to complete logistics tasks.


Whether you’re a blogger or brand, BlogConnections.com brings together and organizes all your work connections in one place. Bloggers select categories of interest and brands have the opportunity to post content and reach key voices who will help spread the word.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList   TipRanks

TipRanks measures the accuracy and accountability of anyone giving investment advice online. People are highly responsive to investment recommendations made by financial experts that often miss their target. With TipRanks you will know who to trust.

Facebook   Visualead

Visualead’s platform transforms classic QR Codes into creative Visual QR Codes that can be merged within the design and branding, thus creating attractive and engaging visual calls-to-action that draw customers into the world of mobile content.


MultiDine is a NextGen servicing platform that lets you interact through touch, learns your taste and helps you discover your favorite dishes & restaurants. It is changing the way restaurants communicate with their customers. MultiDine provides touch table surfaces and mobile digital menus.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList   Yadwire

YadWire is all about monetizing your WiFi (or free WiFi). With Yadwire’s technology the content that appears while WiFi surfing is completely controllable. You can share information and ads targeted exactly for your audience.

Facebook Social-ly | StickyTacs

StickyTacs is specially designed to inspire creative design and develop branded applications on multiple platforms. The StickyTacs platform enables the development of custom made apps without technical knowledge or programming skills.

Facebook   KitLocate

KitLocate provides optimized “always on” location solutions for mobile applications, while being extremely power efficient. Therefore, mobile apps can send location based push even when the app is in the background and enjoy real-time analytics.

Crunchbase   Meetey

Founded in 2013 in Tel Aviv, Meetey is a location-based social network aimed at bringing neighbours together. Whether you’re looking for a romantic relationship, new friends, or even the closest plumber in times of an emergency, Meetey makes it easy.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList StoreYa.com

StoreYa.com is a leading Social Commerce platform enhancing its merchants’ sales by automatically importing their stores and social networks activities to Facebook, increasing their fan base and providing them with its Social Central marketing tools.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList Goatell

With a state of the art Social Referral Marketing system, Goatell is bringing the Word-of-Mouth evolution to everyone. Its philosophy is to enhance Businesses’ ability to market themselves through their shoppers’ social networks. Goatell is the easiest way to have Shoppers talk about their purchases, spoil their friends and get rewarded.

Facebook | Crunchbase TOMODO

TOMODO is an online platform that enables web developers to create new websites by modifying any existing website & publish it under a new domain. The newly created website is accessible from any browser platform or device.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList righTune

righTune’s customized music is heard when viewing a website, adding an emotional dimension to the site’s content. This allows websites to connect with their visitors on the deepest level, which directly affects consumer behaviour and increases revenue.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList iPawn Inc.

iPawn enables borrowers to quickly receive attractive loans against high value items; and sellers to sell high value items quickly and safely at the best global market price.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList Seebo

Seebo brings the ‘internet of things’ to the traditional $84B toy industry. This innovative Israeli start-up brings toys to life by providing a platform for connected toys, a toy/game combination of physical toys and virtual games on smart screens.


Aniways has an SDK for adding “intelligence and interaction” to mobile communication services, giving any chat/IM/social networking service an amazing way to monetize their traffic.

Crunchbase | AngelList Seraphim Sense

Seraphim Sense is the maker of Angel – a wristband sensor that delivers heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, and activity info. Angel is completely open to enable app makers participate in digital health without the need to design custom hardware.

Facebook | AngelList TinyTap

TinyTap is the best way to create personal games for your kids on the iPad. It allows anyone from toddlers to their grandparents to play and create simple educational games, by using their own photos and recording questions. TinyTap makes playing and learning engaging and personal! TinyTap is free on the App Store.

Facebook | Crunchbase | AngelList SureVisit

SureVisit’s Mission is to Empower the author to create content that ranks high in Google without the need for technical know how. SureVisit is developing a suite of services that evolves Web Content Management to its next level and disrupts the current multi-billion dollar SEO market.

Facebook | Crunchbase

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