Lets say ‘Bem-Vindo’ to 18 Intriguing Portuguese Startups

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Each week from now until November 4th we are featuring intriguing groups of startups from different areas of the globe. This week we head down to southwestern Europe and some excellent Portuguese startups with new, innovative ideas. From Lisbon to Porto, from Vila do Conde to Braga, this group of 18 startups are making the trip to Dublin, and we cant wait to see what they have in store.


myCryptoVAULT is a secure, ciphered and private Digital Vault, allowing synchronization, file-sharing and collaborative work among multiple environments and with other users or groups of users. With myCryptoVAULT, all your documents are safely stored in certified data centers, doubly encrypted with AES-256 at the file system level and RSA-4096 at the user level. All forms of interaction with our servers are encrypted with TLS.

myCryptoVAULT is governed exclusively by the EU Data Protection regulations and Portuguese law.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 14.44.04


Wink is a mobile social app that allows users to connect with those who are nearby. Use filters and tags to find if there’s a friend or someone of your interest around and start exchanging contacts, messages or media with those people.




Ignidata is a company focused in the development of cutting edge technology aiming to shape the future of market research and micropayments. Ignidata let’s you create your own market research and crunches the numbers for you, delivering real time results for consumer habits.


iClio is a company dedicated to the creation and publication of content related to history, heritage and culture. They specialize in the production of content for the new digital media.

iClio 2

Look Ouch

Look Ouch helps art students with few resources find the right people for art projects in order to make ideas happen through collaborations.

Look Ouch 456


MyiArts is an online digital platform that aims to bring together in one place all artistic and cultural information, backing the dissemination of these areas and promoting cultural tourism.

[youtube id=”k-MW-EZZjRI”]


Creating a new place for creative people, entrepreneurs, developers and everyone else, all around the globe, who can generate or help develop new business ideas to show them to the right people and thus launch new businesses.

BeyonIdeas 3

WIN World

WIN World works with people, companies and schools for the following purpose – to prepare, train and inspire people to work in permanent learning and creative environments, with the attitude, predisposition and technical skills to win, be happier, live a more meaningful life and to make a difference in the world.


When you install this app, LokLok replaces your standard lock screen with a new one where you can draw and place photos. If you invite a friend or accept someone’s invitation, both your lock screens become synchronised, so whenever one of you draws the other person’s phone is instantly updated.

[youtube id=”3o-GZJQqQqE”]


A fun and easy way to find your soul mate by astrological pairing. SpiceMe have the world’s most advanced astrological algorithm to find people who are compatible with you.

[youtube id=”jdZXfgcQQkE”]


Dreemo’s goal is to change the way people connect with each other and have them share and discover the best experiences in life. They have this incredible ability of bringing people together.


If you’re looking for a quiet spot for an intimate dinner, a central place for a business lunch or a nice house for a gathering of friends, BestTables will show you the way and book your place.

Best Tables 2


We provide new and different ways of fundraising for nonprofits, through e-commerce where each transaction has social impact.

eSolidar 2

 LusoSpace – LusoVU

How will we achieve the ultimate augmented reality headset? One that is as light, comfortable and elegant as a normal pair of glasses. One that is so useful that you won’t be able to do without it. One that will define a complete new way of interacting with the augmented world. One that will enable fully immersive augmented reality.

[youtube id=”Ei9nxSVqGpw”]


Bind Tuning is an independent software development company, working in the market of CMS themes since 2005, and focusing on platforms like Sharepoint, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, WordPress and more.

[youtube id=”JTavBAgJdJU”]


Gleam believe the consumer should regain center stage and be attended in what is core when it comes to their personal relationship with fashion and style, within the framework of a richer and more intimate dialogue with the fashion community, from designers to bloggers and tastemakers, from brands to retailers, together with style lovers from around the world.


Muzzley is a platform to carry all of your connected devices in your pocket anytime, anywhere. It’s a single entry point for your smart world and allows consumers to interact, in one single app, with all their connected devices, access to their activities and receive important notifications from them.



linkedcare is the most advanced electronic prescription on the market. The doctor can prescribe from the patient’s list of medication or renew previous prescriptions in seconds.

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