17 Investors converging on 1 city


Ethos, shared vision and experience: three specific characteristics all startups need to check off their list when looking for that vital investor to help them get off the ground. All startups need investors, but they also need the best fit for their budding company.

This November the world’s most high profile investors are coming to one city for startups all over the world to network and impress. These seventeen names are all experts in their areas, eager to mentor, and might even be the answer to getting your company the best start.


Head of NEA’s Technology investing practice and a veteran of the company for nearly two decades, Sandell has been at the forefront of investing in tech with 21 separate companies in his personal portfolio. At present he is a lead director at Fusion-io and Tableau Software and is leading their investment projects in China.


Managing Director and Co-Founder of Sashta Ventures, Robert Coneybeer has honed his passions as an investor in early stage technology due to an initial background in testing automotive engines and aerospace engineering. His investment interests mainly involve mobile and network devices, with current projects including security app Mocana and waste reduction thermostat device, Nest.


Currently a General Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures, Barr is an investor that mainly gets involved with web and mobile consumer, and business products. She is also the Co-Chair of C100; an entrepreneur association focused on supporting Canadian tech innovation and investment into the sector.


Lin has built his reputation on the back of the success he enjoyed as chairman and COO of Zappos.com. He is now based at Sequoia where he has been involved with projects such as Airbnb, as well as being an angel investor in Uber.



As a Managing Partner of Promus Ventures, Collett has a special interest in developing software companies in early-stages of development. He has three simple criteria that he focuses on: member cohesiveness, uniqueness of the idea and is it an exciting product.


Shochat is a partner at Aleph, the fresh faced $140 million capital fund enterprise that is aiming to help Israeli entrepreneurs develop large scale global businesses. Before his latest endeavour, he was mainly involved with face.com, the market leader in web-scale facial recognition software that was acquired by Facebook.


With over 15 years background in financial services and more importantly experience in the business development of startups, Reinemann has been a very successful investor who is now based at BBVA Ventures. His investments are heralded for promoting new payment solutions and for bringing a new strategic edge to the startups he gets involved with.


Co-founder of Data Collective and one half of a super couple with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, Bogue is an experienced investor who predominantly likes to get involved with big data startups. Bogue is also a managing partner at Founders Den, a shared office space for new startups.

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Peechu leads Felicis’ investments in mobile, enterprise and health, but has previous experience developing high-performance web services platforms. Current mobile projects that he is involved in include Alt12, LeanData, Matterport, and Appurify.


Initially getting involved with building one of the UK’s first ever social venture funds, Wise is now a Principal at Balderton Capital. He deals with early-stage investments and acts as a mentor for the numerous tech companies that are associated with Balderton Capital throughout Europe.


Gurevich, who is a partner at Javelin Venture Partners, is an investor with a passion to bring new technologies into the marketplace. He led Javelin’s investments in the social news curation app Prismatic and social search engine service Spotsetter that recommends places to go based on your friends content, which was acquired by Apple in early June.


Dahl has been a partner at Pelion Venture Partners since 2008, but his background is in anti-spam software such as Unspam Technologies. Due to his association with Pelion, Dahl’s areas of investment include digital media, communications, medical devices, wireless, and internet-based technologies.

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Coupled with his role at DFJ Esprit and experience coordinating Index Venture’s investment activity in Europe, the US and Israel, Dibner is a globally recognised investor. Previous investments include software developing startup JFrog and innovative immersive video advertisers Innovid.


Born in South Africa, Elliott currently manages the investment portfolio for the Branson family and looks at investing in early growth stage technologies. Based on the Virgin investment model, they focus on startups with life changing potential and technology that has disruptive potential in the marketplace.


A Founding Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, Lauria aims to link the Southeast Asian startup scene with Silicon Valley. His first involvements in startups saw Lauria create a location-based chat service, Meetro.com, and the forum service Lefora.com. In 2013, Lauria was rated the best startup mentor in Asia from a pool of 2,500 Founders Institute mentors.


Von Perger is a fresh face at Wellington Partners having joined in 2014. He came on board to work with the Digital Media and Software team and identify opportunities for investment in these platforms. Some past projects include fashion startup Stylistpick.com and Citymapper.com.


A Managing Partner at the Copenhagen based venture capital firm Sunstone Capital Technology, Nielsen principally gets involved with globally scalable startups. Nielsen likes to aim big with his investments and sticks to investing in technology because that’s where his passions lie.

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