15 Web Summit Startups that have raised over €276million

Four months on from Web Summit, and no better time to look back on the progress being made by just a sample of the many startups that attended. In the short space of time 15 startups that exhibited have raised over €276million – including names such as HelloFresh, Y Plan & GetAround who raised monster rounds.

We’re not saying Web Summit played a part, maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but hopefully it’s a good example of the type of companies that attend our event. Congratulations to each and every one – we’re excited to hear lots more great stories over the next few months:

Company          Amount Raised

Y Plan               €24million

GetAround       €24million

Glide                 €20million

Serviz                €12million

Connect            €10million

Apploi                €7million

2lemetry           €4million

Chat Grape       €1.3million

Lootsie              €3.5million

Pley                    €10million

HelloFresh       €126million

Airtame             €1.4million

Cinemacraft     €3.9million

Careem             €10million

Mavenlink        €19million

That’s a grand total of €276,100,000 and that figure is growing. We’re very excited for what’s happened these companies so far, and the potential for growth is massive. Looking forward to the next round of stories already.

Our next event? We’re heading to Las Vegas in May. You can apply to exhibit here.


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