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START launched as part of last year’s Web Summit to showcase the most high potential up-and-coming companies in the tech landscape. Since then the companies that featured as part of the 2013 programme have raised hundreds of millions of dollars between them, with Nest being acquired for an eye-watering $3.2bn. This year’s line-up promises similar success stories with plenty of buzz already gathering around the 150 companies involved.

However, places are still available at this year’s START for companies that have raised over $5m in funding. Some of the judges that have cast their sharp investor eye over past candidates include Kevin Rose from Google Ventures and Skype founder Niklas Zennström. This year’s big-name judges will be looking for the next Startup that will make a massive impact on the industry, and with more than 1000 journalists from top international media outlets also in attendance at Web Summit 2014, the potential for taking your company to the next level is unquestionable.

The 15 listed below are just a selection of those who will be taking advantage of that potential come November, but they perfectly reflect the variety and high level of innovation that will be on show across the board at START 2014.

Humin – San Francisco, USA

Simply put, Humin is a replacement for the old phone app on your device. Think of it as a smarter, evolved phone that remembers everyone you meet in the way that you naturally think. No more scrolling impersonal contact lists.

[vimeo id=’96434268′]

OnePlus – Shenzhen, China

OnePlus is a technology startup committed to bringing the best possible technology to users around the world. Created around the mantra Never Settle, OnePlus creates beautifully designed devices with premium build quality.

[youtube id=’KP-5OlHINg0′]

Clio – Vancouver, Canada

Clio provides a full suite of web-based practice management tools targeted specifically at the administrative needs of sole practitioners and small firms. Clio is a single resource that eliminates the need for multiple specialized applications by incorporating the principal talents of each.

[vimeo id=’85206417′]

Freshdesk – San Francisco, USA

Freshdesk Inc. is a leading provider of customer support software in the SaaS market. Having raised a total of $44million of investment since its inception, Freshdesk’s range of customers include startups, small businesses and enterprises across the world.

[youtube id=’gAUfEQXMVWM’]

Kreditech – Hamburg, Germany

Kreditech uses BIG DATA and complex machine-learning algorithms to serve a simple mission: make faster, better credit decisions. The technology identifies and scores individuals online in seconds. Kreditech uses this technology to provide banking products to customers in emerging markets, where established banks lack traditional, historical credit bureau data.

[youtube id=’aFdafnATVTg?list=UUf1QFOqm1WNYRQ7kKO0IhZQ’]

Swrve – San Francisco, USA

Swrve is the world’s leading mobile marketing automation platform, combining class-leading analytics, segmentation, AB testing, in-app messaging and push notification campaigns in a unified platform that allows monetization managers to continually test apps by tracking user behaviour, targeting specific user segments, tuning in-app elements, and talking to users via in-app messages and push notes.

[vimeo id=’64130062′]

Yummly – Palo Alto, USA

Whether it’s finding a recipe or going to the store, Yummly wants to make it easier for foodies to do what they love – cook, eat, and share. Yummly’s mission is to be the world’s largest, most powerful, and most helpful food site in the world.


Linko – San Francisco, USA

Linko is a smart CRM system and address book that enables its customers to freely pick their favourite mobile and cloud applications to automate customer relations management while removing the burden of manual reporting with complex electronic forms.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 16.31.40

payasUgym – London, UK

payasUgym is making it cheaper and easier for the people of Britain to get fit and go to the gym. Currently working alongside over 2200 gyms, payasUgym allows customers to purchase discounted gym passes throughout the country in order to help increase the number of people that go to the gym.

[youtube id=’Hzn1l966bWk’]

Swiftype – San Francisco, USA

Swiftype is a hosted software service that eliminates the need to create your own search software from scratch, making it possible for any website owner or mobile app developer to add great search to their product.

[youtube id=’pITuOcGgpBs’]

Careem – Dubai, UAE

Careem is a private car booking service that is upgrading the way people travel around town. Our customers can order a car online or using our mobile app, track their rides in real-time, pay with credit cards, and access receipts online.

[youtube id=’EjKAJ17X8-E’]

CamFind – Los Angeles, USA

Take a picture with CamFind to learn more about any object. The app uses visual search technology to tell you what things are, and it can even tell you where you can buy them. It also translates into multiple languages.

[youtube id=’M3VQkuu3uUM’]

Traity – Mountain View, USA

Traity takes the mystery out of who is on the other side of an online interaction by verifying that the other person is both who and what he/she claims to be in order to enjoy safe and happy connections and transactions.

traity-logo copy

Ginkgotree – Detroit, USA

Ginkgotree help faculties replace costly textbooks with excellent materials assembled on their platform to make course materials less expensive (and more valuable) for students.

[vimeo id=’99643087′]

Vantage Sports – Seattle, USA

Vantage is the premiere analytics service for NBA players, teams and media. Their revolutionary data set promises to usher in a new era of knowledge about the game.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 16.37.45

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