An Apple, a Headphone, a Superstar + 12 More Speakers

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It may be mid-summer but there can be no rest for the wicked – today we’re delighted to announce 15, yes 15 new speakers for The Summit 2014. From Beyonce’s Head of Digital, to a former Apple CEO, to one of the masterminds behind the rise of Beats by Dre. The Summit is connecting the creative minds from all different aspects to tech and bringing them to Dublin – this isn’t going to be straightforward, this is not your average tech conference.

John Sculley – Founder – Sculley Brothers / Ex-Apple CEO

In the early 1980s, Steve Jobs purportedly lured him to Apple with the line, “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world?” And that they did. Sculley took over as Apple’s CEO in 1983, leaving his role as CEO at Pepsi-Cola, and led the company through its infancy. In his ten years in charge, annual sales grew from $800m to $8 billion. Since leaving Apple, he has found his passion for investing after he joined forces with his two brothers to create Sculley Brothers LLC.

 Omar Johnson – EVP of Global Marketing at Beats Electronic

A stunning acquisition and a product that has revolutionsied the headphone world – Omar Johnson is Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at Beats Electronics, recently acquired for $3bn by Apple. Prior to moving into the world of premium headphones Omar was one of the creative minds behind Nike’s basketball Global Marketing – and it was during his time at Nike that Lebron James gave Omar a pair of Beats Headphones, and the rest is history. Omar will be sharing the creativity on The Digital Marketing Stage at The Summit.

[youtube id=”v_i3Lcjli84″]

Lauren Wirtzer – Beyoncés Head of Digital/Parkwood Entertainment

Often it is the people behind the big stories that are the most intriguing. Lauren is the Digital Mastermind behind the unstoppable Beyoncé, arguably the biggest superstar on the planet. Lauren has played a huge role in creating the Beyoncé brand – but success has to be worked for, and Lauren has done just that – starting out with Global label DefJam in the 90’s before working her way to where she is now.

Yves Behar – Founder – The Fuze Project

If you were to draw up a list for the worldwide kings of branding, Béhar’s name would feature pretty high up. In 1999, Béhar founded Fuseproject, a branding company that has been a catalyst in changing the way products are globally branded, with their portfolio including PayPal, Puma, Samsung, and Prada. 15 years later, Béhar’s company is still being lauded as one of the “World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design” (Fast Company, 2014), while personally he was named one of the Top 25 Visionaries by Time Magazine in 2012.

Yves Behar

David Byttow – Co-founder –

Co-founder of Secret, Lead of Wallet at Square, and Google Software Engineer – David Byttow has quite a story to tell. His online platform Secret allows users share their personal secrets with other users anonymously online. Founded by Byttow and co-founder Chrys Bader-Wechseler only 9 months ago, the company has already raised in excess of $12.5m in funding, and….. they are just getting started.

Dan Rose – VP Partnerships – Facebook

Every wanted to know more about the man behind Facebook’s $19bn deal with What’sApp? Dan Rose could be that man. After joining from Amazon in 2006 – where he helped develop the Amazon Kindle – he has been at the forefront of evolving the Facebook’s corporate and business development. Rose has been charged with heading up mergers, acquisitions, and worldwide strategic partnerships at the company, while many of the social media giant’s innovative advertising methods and marketing strategies for their products can also be traced straight back to him.

Dan Rose 2

Nicolas Brusson – Co-founder BlaBlaCar

Every startup wants to know how to raise that dream round, Nicolas Brusson knows a thing or two about that. Described as the next big sharing economy success after Airbnb and Uber, his long distance car sharing startup BlaBlaCar have burst on to the scene, raising $100m in funding in a very short space of time. Not a bad start ay?

BlaBlaCar 2

Ben Harris – Founder – Drop

Can technology help you cook? Yes it can! Drop have brought technology to cooking, and as Ben Harris shows us below, food has never tasted this good:

[vimeo id=”96907445″]

Ben Fathi – VMWare – CTO

For just over three years, Fathi has been one of the main figureheads at the multi-billion dollar software company VMWare. He earned himself a nice promotion to CTO of the company in January of this year, rising from his previous role as Senior Vice President of research and development. Fathi has experience in software development with Microsoft littered throughout his career, where he served as Corporate Vice President of Windows Core Development, Corporate Vice President of Security, and General Manager of Storage, File Systems, and Availability.

Tom Preston Werner – Codestarter Co-Founder

Tom is Co-founder and Strategic Advisor at Codestarter – planning the companies route to greater donor engagement and growth. He is also the man who invented the gravatar – recognised globally as avatars. In his time off? He loves VR tech and mountain biking.

Kevin Chou – Founder – Kabam

“One of the smartest people in tech” is how Fortune describe Kevin Chou. “Absurdly accomplished” is the Los Angeles Times’ two cents on him, but his credentials and achievements to date – namely with Kabam – supersede any commendatory testimonials. In 2006, Chou founded Kabam, the company that produces online multiplayer social games. Lauded for overcoming numerous challenges that have faced his business since its foundation, such as the recession, Chou definitely has a story or two to share this year at The Summit Dublin.

Rob Coneybeer – Founder – Shasta Ventures

With over 10 years to his name as a Managing Director and co-founder of Shasta Ventures, Coneybeer is yet another investor at the top of his field coming to Dublin. Startups will be looking to impress Coneybeer come November and possibly appeal to his tendency to invest in unique new ideas that involve mobile and networked devices. Current companies he’s investing in include RelayRides, Mocana and Nest Labs.

Rob Coneybeer 213

Shervin Pishevar – Founder – Sherpa Foundry

There is no doubt that Shervin has an eye for a good investment. As a part of Menlo Ventures, he was at the forefront of sealing high profile investments in the likes of Tumblr and Uber. Pishevar set up his own firm, Sherpa Ventures, in 2013, but still plays a significant role within Menlo Ventures, as a venture advisor, and in car-hailing service Uber as a Strategic Advisor and Board Observer after making a personal investment in the company in February 2013.

[iframe id=”″]

Kanishk Parashar – Founder – Coin

In 2012, Kanishk founded Coin, a consumer electronics company with the aim of making life that bit easier. Hoping to reduce a world of wallets and purses stuffed with credit and loyalty cards, Coin provides a connected device that means you can cut the dead weight from your pocket.

Mood Rowghani – Partner – KPCB

Rowghani is an investor with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers that primarily focuses his investments in digital startups and internet companies that have already achieved high growth. Some companies that Rowghani has had successful involvements with include Uber, Soundcloud and Quirky.

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