They’re killing passwords: 13 Swedish startups coming to Web Summit

ALPHA for 2015 is now closed. You can still attend as an attendee or sign up to exhibit at ALPHA 2016.

We’ve hooked up with Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy in Ireland to bring some of the most promising Swedish startups to Web Summit. Business Sweden is a semi-state body that helps Swedish companies reach their full international potential.

Let’s a take a look at 12 of the startups they’ve helped us connect with:


[youtube id=”GYMkpgr4UyY”] BehavioSec are trying to kill the password. They’ve developed a biometric security platform that allows banks determine who you are from the way you type and touch your phone screen. During trials, BehavioSec’s detected fraudulent smartphone users within 20 seconds to a minute and major E-commerce trials reported 99.8% accuracy levels. They’ve raised $8.19 million funding, most recently a $6.16 million Series B in December 2014.


[youtube id=”lMi5yMtONj0″] Detectify is an SaaS-based website security scanner that keeps websites safe from hackers. It allows site owners to scan their sites for possible weaknesses  When a hack of crowdfunding platform Patreon exposed the personal information of over 2 million users earlier this month, security advisor Frans Rosén said that he had warned Patreon of vulnerability days before the attack. Detectify announced a $1.7 million Seed this March.


[youtube id=”u-teeWPdjuM”] Trustly specialise in fast, simple and safe online payments for both B2B and C2C users. They currently support all major banks in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Spain and are continuing to expand. Founded by Carl Wilsson, Lukas Gratte and Joel Jacobsson, Trustly has raised over $28 million in funding. Take a look at 12 other Swedish startups on their way to Web Summit: BizChatBox Dreamler Functor Handiscover Allone &Frankly Molndrift Snowfire Urb-It Visiba Group Exhibit at the world’s most important startup gathering. Apply to ALPHA 2016.

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