13 Startups from… The United Arab Emirates

Last year, attendees from 97 different countries came to Web Summit. Among the thousands attending this November is an exciting crop of emerging startups from the United Arab Emirates – why not join them?


The UAE is most famously known for its booming economy, luxury tourism and impossibly high sky-scrapers. But as it turns out, the Middle Eastern desert provides fertile land for nurturing a startup too, as the below list proves. Twelve companies, some more established than others, will be swapping the sand for the green of Ireland as they come to show their wares at Web Summit 2014. There is something to whet all appetites here, from the philanthropic to the downright fun. Scroll down and you’ll encounter what could be a game-changing video communication app, a tool to keep parents’ minds at rest, and a few companies making it easier to access – and analyse – this increasingly dynamic marketplace.


Ta3rifah provides a digital marketing platform that allows businesses to track and analyse store traffic as well as their customer behaviour, in real-time.

[youtube id=”Wx-2OrVWSks”]


Fenumbra is a curated artist platform that promotes significant artworks and supports global charities. Every artwork purchase benefits artists directly and a worthy cause chosen by buyers and artists.

Fenumbra 33
Photo courtesy of Fenumbra Artist Paul Andrew White


Yumamia is a social marketplace where talented home cooks can sell their home cooked meals to hungry food lovers that are craving home cooked meals made with love. [vimeo id=”90268160″]


Billboards still play a large role in advertising, whether it’s passing by an advert for a local shop or gazing at the screens in Times Square, New York. Deehubs is a company that recognises how important this form of advertising is, but also the need for this medium to grow as our world becomes more and more digital and become more of a social outlet. Their line of smart social billboards are part of the future, giving people the chance to share content, engage with it in real-time, and showcasing their message.

[youtube id=’eUfnd08snwU’]


Vidium is an easier way to communicate with emotions through video messages and the twist of video reactions, and it allows the user to seamlessly reply to video messages directly after viewing. [vimeo id=”99403147″]


Providing new ways to incorporate exercise into our daily lives, FittPass gives you control of your routine and allows you to achieve your fitness goals.  [vimeo id=”100973233″]


EstateUp is the first real estate crowd investing platform in the Middle East – making real estate investments easy and accessible.

[youtube id=’lb1JwvSDM0s’]

Nischint Technologies

Nischint is a unique cross platform parental guidance software designed to support parents to digitally secure their kids anywhere, anytime. Nischint provides some pathbreaking features like time and application management, GPS location services, critical alerts and much more. The most comprehensive application in digital parenting is now here.

[youtube id=’0EYKaF-DMKQ’]


EdAid is set to transform the way that students finance their education, enabling them to crowdfund their student loans with ZERO interest fees. Once students graduate they only repay what they borrow (in real terms) over ten years – saving $1000s.



In September 2012, Idriss Al Rifai wanted to change the way e-commerce was done in the Middle East. Frustrated with the poor availability of offering and the lack of great customer-centered delivery services, he created MENA360 as a turn-key service provider, enabling and helping clients from inception to optimization, from website design to last mile delivery, from digital marketing strategy to customer insights. 

[youtube id=”MCHPnHG9wIA”]

Crowd Analyzer

The world’s first Arabic focused social media monitoring platform.



Cary! is the world’s first mobile app for buying and selling cars. In 2 easy steps your car can be listed on Cary! or you can browse through the listings for your dream car. Buy or sell a car at top speed with Cary!

[youtube id=”JEVQDHe4YJ8″]



Slang for ‘Let Me Know’, Lemeno makes organising your social calendar hassle free. As the worlds first social networking utility, Lemeno will be able to bring lightning speed event creation to a user’s fingertips. It completely removes the hassle of getting together to do anything, anywhere, with anyone.


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