12 Swiss Startups Coming to Web Summit

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The Swiss might be known for watches, chocolate and cheese, but perhaps they should be known for their entrepreneurial prowess. We’ve got a long list of Swiss startups coming to Web Summit this November. Let’s take a look at three of these promising startups in more detail.



The lines between film and game are being blurred by companies such as CtrlMovie. Perhaps best-suited to the non-committal scriptwriter or the experimental director, CtrlMovie is a film format that allows the narrative to follow one of a number of potential paths, based on the audience’s input. CtrlMovie was born from the founders’ quest to get audiences to engage with branded content. They are now working on creating the first feature length CtrlMovie film, Late Shift.



At its heart, HeadyUp is a social media platform. “Not another one”, I hear sceptics cry. But fear not, HeadyUp is different. It’s inherently more social than the Facebooks, Twitters and Instagrams of the world, since it encourages real world connections through the location-based feed. The content that appears on your HeadyUp feed is made up of photos and updates from your friends, family, and others, who are close by.



Yooture is a recruitment app which prides itself in finding the perfect employee their perfect job, and vice versa. By connecting recruiters and job-hunters on the basis of shared passions and interests, Yooture ensures that both parties are happy with the result.

Who else will be joining CtrlMovie, HeadyUp and Yooture in representing Switzerland at Web Summit? Well to name a few…

Airporter App









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