12 Startups from….. London!

While all startups differ in products, ideas and much more, there are also defining features which tie them together. This group of startups cover areas from music to learning, boating to payments, 3D to Social Networking – yet they are all tied together by geography. Each of these are blazing a trail in the London startup scene, and each of these are part of the ALPHA program – our curated startup program for this November’s Summit in Dublin.


Betify is a free iOS mobile app which makes it super easy for users to challenge or get challenged by their friends, on anything they care about, wherever they are. When they win challenges, users build their reputation on topics they love, and can earn real rewards such as discounts or products offered by our partners. Launched 14 months ago Betify have already raised in the region of $250k of funding.

Betify 1


Bibblio is a whole new type of learning experience that starts with your curiosity instead of a pre-defined curriculum and uses all the best tools from the web to help guide you. Founded at the start of 2014, Bibblio is based on our natural tendency to explore the world. 

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Board a Boat

Ever needed a boat but couldn’t get one? Board a Boat is an online peer-to-peer hire marketplace, that connects boat owners with people looking to hire a boat. Boat owners can make their boat available to hire easily directly on the platform. Hirers can search and book boats to hire directly on the platform.

Boatttt 767


joinin.com is a social network that helps people fill their free time with the things they love doing. Both a website and app, joinin brings people together in the real world helping them connect with others who share the same interests.

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Sharing a cab with your mates? Organising a group gift? Forgot your wallet? With Payfriendz you can forget about loose change or splitting bills, too. Pay back your debts, or request money that friends owe you. Straight from one phone to the other.

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Total Resolution Music

There is a wealth of wonderful music out there. Total Resolution Music and Audiostem is the way to bring that music into your business. Their solution aims to provide businesses with music from exciting new and emerging artists from a broad range of genres, and eventually as the service develops they will provide music from a comprehensive catalogue of artists that will truly enhance the retail experience of any business.



Pearlshare is a free app that connects and collects great opinions from your inner circle on bars, boutiques, products and more. The idea behind the company is that people value one tip from a close friend over a thousand website reviews.

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Metric is an easy to use promotion and insight builder for all social channels and devices. Once your Metric account is live you can collect and own your customer data so you can build long term relationships across multiple channels.

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Pitchswag is the first online business incubator in the world that brings together all the essential stakeholders together to successfully start or grow a business where entrepreneurs, investors, experts and co-founders meet, pitch ideas, fundraise, invest, share knowledge on webinars and find like-minded co-founders.

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SharpCloud Software

SharpCloud is visual communication software for enterprise. We enable teams to pull together their collective intelligence to tell a compelling business story.

There are many digital transformation use-cases for SharpCloud and good early adoption communication projects include; Strategy, Roadmapping, Customer Engagement, Innovation and Project Controls.


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SNS Consulting

SNS are a boutique consultancy firm offering a range of smart solutions and services to individuals in business. The focus is individuals who are approaching 1 of the 3 critical milestones in their career: employee, executive + self employed. Understanding the challenges individuals will face and helping them overcome is the primary aim of SNS.

SNS Consulting Final


Keeping it local, TruKoi have created an innovative mobile game that enables neighbourhood businesses to engage with and maintain customers by rewarding loyalty.

Trukoi 22

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