The Exhibitionists – 12 brilliant companies exhibiting at Web Summit

Some of the most exciting companies in the world will be exhibiting at Web Summit – buy your ticket now and witness first hand the latest technological innovations


These 12 companies will all bring something different to the exhibition arena at Web Summit and we are delighted to welcome them on board. Each have amazing products and services to offer in an innovative set up on their stands. Each one of them come with an interesting concept and a fun element added to their exhibition – you might even get to draw on the walls…

Specialists in creative, design-led engineering, Engineers are true innovators when it comes to custom mobile, cloud and web development. They are known for bringing ideas to life with native app development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Tablets and they craft exceptional responsive websites using HTML5, CSS3 and the latest JS technologies.

Using the mantra that “package sells the product,” design beautiful apps that are enhanced with user experience architecture. With expert planning, their creative team craft inspiring experiences that increase adoption and drive consumer virality for its clients.


Founded in 2011, Intercom has raised over $30 million in venture capital and is backed by leading investors, including The Social+Capital Partnership and Bessemer Venture Partners. Intercom provides the easiest way for web and mobile businesses to see and talk to their users. It shows you who is using your product and makes it easy to personally communicate with users through targeted, behavior-driven email and in-app messages.

Intercom is helping thousands of web and mobile businesses connect with millions of users every day, with clients including Heroku, HubSpot, Invision, Wistia, buffer, and Chartboost.



BitPay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in eCommerce, B2B, and enterprise solutions for virtual currencies. As the world leader in bitcoin payment processing, BitPay offers easy tools to accept bitcoin payments online or in person, with the option to receive the funds as a bank direct deposit.

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Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers business and technology promotion for companies, investors and science institutes in Berlin. With carefully tailored services and excellent links to research, their experts provide an outstanding range of offerings to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin.

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SIG is a global quantitative trading firm founded with an entrepreneurial mindset and a rigorous, analytical approach to decision making. Founded more than 15 years ago, they now have over 300 employees working in Trading, Technology, Research, Operations, Compliance, Risk, Legal, Finance and HR.

SIG commit their own capital to trade financial products around the world. Building virtually all of their own trading technology from scratch, they are leaders and innovators in high performance, low latency trading.



IdeaPaint™ transforms virtually any space in your office into a boundless dry erase surface, giving you the space you need to fully explore and express your big ideas. Their premium erasable paint accelerates innovation by getting people on their feet working together in ways never before possible. Paint an entire room and create a 360 degree work environment.

IdeaPaint improves the way people work and the way they work together, helping them collaborate more effectively, be more creative and ultimately get better results.

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A more intelligent window, View is the leader in dynamic glass. View Dynamic Glass tints electronically in response to the outside world, preserving your view and keeping you cool. View’s windows are intelligent and no longer just a static component in a building. View Dynamic Glass transitions seamlessly between four variable tint states, allowing visible light to shine in, and rejecting unwanted heat and glare any time of the day or year. There’s now no need to give up your views to save energy or stay comfortable.

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Persado programmatically uncovers the language and emotions that make people buy. Its unique technology is powered by Natural Language Processing and advanced statistical algorithms. Working with leading global brands such as American Express, Esurance, McAfee, SurveyMonkey and Verizon Wireless, Persado systematically delivers better marketing messages across digital channels.


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SendGrid helps you focus on your business without the cost and complexity of owning and maintaining an email infrastructure. Their applications help you manage all of the technical details, from scaling the infrastructure to whitelist services and real-time analytics. SendGrid offer world-class deliverability expertise to make sure your emails get delivered.

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform in the cloud. The AWS mission is to enable developers and businesses to use web services to easily build and be paid for sophisticated, scalable applications.



A Center of excellence dedicated to Information and Communication Technologies, EuraTechnologies gathers, under one roof, a wide range of enterprises, from start-ups to worldwide companies, offering them an innovative infrastructure and customized services.



Tobit.Software have been developing innovative software products, as standard, since 1986. Close to 250 people have been part of the success of Tobit.Software, all having dedicated themselves with all their knowledge, passion and experience towards one goal: to constantly equip the user with the latest technologies and products.

The efficient handling of information is the key theme of Tobit.Software’s output, with some of their most successful products being David®, Radio®fx ™, djukebox® and chayns®.

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