11 Ways to Rock the Floor at Web Summit

People from every walk of life are coming to Web Summit. Have a look at who’s coming.


With six weeks to go until Web Summit kicks off we’re taking the opportunity to get Startups fully prepped for the event. Each week we’ll cover a new topic; exhibiting, meeting investors and media, pitching, what to bring and parties.

We’ll also be hosting a weekly Google Hangout with speakers, Startups and industry experts who will advise you on how to make the most out of 72 hours in Dublin. Here’s last year’s media hangout and entrepreneur hangout for example. These will be live-streamed and circulated in the next week’s Startup newsletter.

1. The Basics – The ABCs of Web Summit

Web Summit will take place in the Royal Dublin Society from the 4th-6th of November, with an opening party for the event on the evening of the 3rd. Startups exhibit for one day, and will have the exact date confirmed two weeks before the event commences. With just one day to exhibit, we encourage Startups to be as proactive as possible and get out there on the floor on the other two days; attend speaker talks, target leads, and basically, network like you’ve never networked before!

Network of people

Please make sure personal profiles and company information are up to date; this information will be used for exhibiting and marketing purposes and must be completed October 7th. Contact niall.collins@websummit.net to update your details.

2. Accommodation – Live it Up while in Dublin

We have arranged special discounted accommodation for Startups here (password is your 4 letter ticket confirmation). We chose these locations to ensure maximum networking opportunities for Startups at Web Summit.

generator hostels

3. Preparation – ‘The More Prepared You are, the Less Pressure You Feel.’

prep pic Paddy G

A few quick pointers:

  • Keep your presentation short and to the point.
  • Have your verbal pitch down to a tee. See if you can sum up what you’re company does, or what problem it solves, in 30 seconds or less.
  • Keep your stand clean and clear of baggage and clutter, it makes a bad impression.
  • You should have online & offline versions of all your presentation materials.
  • Having a laptop is great, but a tablet is even better. A tablet is more flexible and allows you to be more interactive with passersby and potential investors. We recommend having a short slide deck ready that quickly explains all the important points about your Startup.

tablet mobile

 You can see a hangout on Web Summit preparation here featuring the founders of SmartThings, Circa & General Assembly.

4. Representation –  Present your Brand EVERYWHERE Possible.

Ensure you are maximising potential brand awareness; wear branded clothing, have logo stickers on all your devices, have you company logo on EVERYTHING.

toy story

Don’t forget that how you speak and act are also a representation of your brand. Be mindful that we have worked to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming space and we expect all participants to abide by our anti-harassment policy – http://wbsm.it/ws-ahp

5. Different people = Different Pitch.

You will have opportunities to talk to a wide variety of people: investors, partners, customers, potential hires — all interested in different aspects of your business.  Understand who you’re talking to first, and present them with content that will engage them in a way they will understand. It would be a good idea to have a short slide deck for your different audiences, i.e. what you present to an investor should be different from what you tell a media representative.

perception differences

If you have your a partner or partners with you, make the best use of your time by having someone work the stand, while the other(s) bring people over.

6. Time is money – Be Clever with Where and How You Spend Time.

Optimise your time by limiting your conversations, and speaking to as broad an audience as possible. Recognise that some people will take up more time than you would like but don’t be rude! Thanking people for their time, and asking for a card is a nice way to bring the conversation to a close.


7. Engage – Don’t Wait for People to Come to You.

If someone makes eye contact with you, that is your chance to say “Hi, can I tell you about what we do?”


Don’t let someone just walk away from your stand. Get their contact details, give them some swag, or even hand out a post-card sized “one-pager” with a description of your Startup, but do not let anyone just window shop. Engage!

8. Investors – Make them Want to Invest in YOU.


We have A LOT of investors coming to Web Summit. If an investor comes over, do not jump on them and beg for an investment! Keep it professional and respectful. Focus on the problem, your solution, your go-to-market and the market opportunity. If they are interested, they’ll want to know more about you and your team, progress, challenges, problems.

Know what type of investor is right for you, and establish at the outset, their name, background and area(s) of interest.

If they give you their card or contact details, follow up as soon as possible. Connect with them on LinkedIn, or tweet at them. They are going to be meeting a lot of people just like you, so you want to be sure that they remember you.

9. Share – Sharing is Caring.

Be sure to tag any posts on social media with #websummit Sharing interesting stories, photos, or people you meet can be a great way to attract people over to your stand and in turn this could help to spread your message beyond the venue and conference.



10. Enjoy Dublin – It’s Great Craic!

With 20,000 attendees flooding into Dublin this year, the entire city will become a technology hub. Be sure to make the most of every minute of your time here. This guide will help you out, and you can check out our coffee trail and what else Dublin has to offer here.

Web summit streets

11. SWAG – The Best Things in Life are Free.

It’s a fact of life that people love free stuff. If possible, bring goodies. Think outside the box with what you bring or do. Don’t be afraid to stand out, try be as memorable as possible!

swag pic Paddy G


To all Startups coming to Web Summit 2014, we wish you the very best of luck and hope some of these tips can be put to good use with the Media and Investors you will meet in Dublin. 

Why not check out some of the Ace Investors coming to Web Summit. 


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