11 Middle Eastern Startups coming to Web Summit

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We are delighted to introduce Rob McGovern, a super talented blogger and member of our Global Blog Network. Rob moved to Dubai in 2011 and is now sharing some of his in depth knowledge of Middle Eastern Sartups . So let’s have a look at some of the best Startups coming to Web Summit from the Middle East this year. 

With the technology revolution continuing to spread across the world, one of the regions with the largest growth potential is the Middle East. As the tech ecosystem gains momentum, an increasing amount of accelerators, angel investors and venture capital funds have been drawn to the region, and many investors here who had historically looked at tangible assets, are now investing in ideas. When you consider that the region has some of the highest smartphone penetration in the world (UAE #1, Saudi Arabia #3) and eCommerce spending is continuing to grow at speed, it’s clear that there is certainly plenty of opportunity in this part of the world.

A host of exciting Middle Eastern start-ups from Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be making their way to Dublin for Web Summit this November. Here are a few to look out for.

Transterra Media – Lebanon

Transterra Media is an international news agency which provides on-demand, in-depth, human interest video and photo content. The company has a network of over 2,000 vetted journalists across the globe who are ready to produce on-demand, professional, tailor-made and in-depth human interest video and photo stories which meet the specific production and editorial standards of international publishers.


Careem – United Arab Emirates

Careem is a private car booking service that upgrades the way people travel around town, making arranging transportation reliable, personal, safe and convenient. Users can order a car online or using the mobile app, track their rides in real-time, pay with credit cards, and access receipts online. Careem will be participating in the START showcase at this year’s Web Summit.

[youtube id=”EjKAJ17X8-E”]

eKtab – Jordan

eKtab is the first and largest Arabic electronic book marketplace and publishing company on the internet. Combining both Arabic and translated international, political, cultural, historical, literature and poetry books, eKtab facilitates the process of finding, downloading, purchasing and reading Arabic books online. eKtab also offers the first and only Arabic read-aloud children books, contributing to developing the knowledge, comprehension and critical thinking skills of children in the Arab world.

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Drawdeck – United Arab Emirates

Drawdeck is an online community that connects emerging artists, companies and art-lovers, allowing them to discover, collaborate and buy and sell artwork. By creating a portfolio on Drawdeck, artists can put their work online and in front of the right audience, giving them the potential to start selling prints and original artwork straight away. Drawdeck helps the artist to promote, sell, print and frame their artwork, giving them more free time to create art.


Feelit – Saudi Arabia

Feelit is a social app that allows users to share their feelings on a timeline filled with the genuine emotions of the people they care about. Users can see the trending feelings in colourful bubbles that grow and shrink based on the feelings of everyone using Feelit. Instead of giving away ‘likes’, the Feelit community exchanges ‘hugs’ with the hug button at the bottom of every post.


Kalboard360 – Jordan

Kalboard360 is an innovative, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) focused on engaging students by making the school e-learning experience simple to use, rewarding and mobile. The platform is based around a distributed learning approach where face-to-face engagement between teachers and pupils is essential, while also involving parents and school management in the learning experience. Built-in reporting tools mean that the learning experience can be analysed regularly, allowing the educational process to be further improved for each student.


Shopbuilder – Lebanon

Shopbuilder lets users build their own online store without the need for any programming or design skills. Their goal is to provide a highly simplified but efficient online tool to help small business owners create their own website to sell online. Their mission is to make eCommerce available across the MENA region at the most affordable price possible.


foona Review – United Arab Emirates

foona Review is a social network and online directory for food, bringing foodies and eateries together on a free platform where restaurants, recipes, reviews & experiences can be discovered & shared for better eating. By offering a public space, where foodies can connect with other foodies and eateries to share views and their love for food, foona empowers its community by establishing standards and expectations for eateries to follow, while giving eateries a space to build a following. foona also provides Kickstarter chefs a space to contribute, grow and develop a following.


Red Troops – Jordan

Red Troops describes itself as the eBay for In-App Advertising, bridging the gap between app developers and advertisers. The platform is a mobile marketing community focused on empowering app developers with a dedicated set of tools to eventually democratise mobile marketing and rid the world of excessive advertisement costs.


Guiddoo – United Arab Emirates

Guiddoo is an interactive travel app that provides virtual audio and visual tours that aim to enrich travellers’ trips though personalised tour experiences. Passionate about travel and adventure, the team’s mission is to create a valuable tool for fellow travellers; a personalized tour guide available to them as and when they need it. The platform aims to continuously add new attractions and services for the travel community to explore.


AwfarShi – Lebanon

AwfaShi is an offer aggregation website designed to help consumers find retail and online offers in their local market. The company is dedicated to finding offers, promotions and sales to help users save money and time searching for the best deals online.



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