Another 100 Investors

Investors from all over the world are coming to Web Summit and you could join them. Get your tickets here


With just 3 weeks left until Web Summit, we are releasing another incredible 100 investors who will be at the event. So, without further ado, here they are:

Bob Xu – Founding & Managing Partner at Zhen Fund
Geoff Lewis – Partner at Founders Fund
Adrian Cockcroft – Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures
Martin Mignot – Principal at Index Ventures
Jessica Payne – Investment Banker at CODE Advisors
Ben Parr – Co-founder & Managing Partner at DominateFund
Fabian Siegel – Partner   Global at Founders Capital
David Aronoff – General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners
Brian Flucht – Director, Strategic Investments & Partnerships at Nike
Carlos Espinal – Partner at SeedCamp
Kartik Prabhakara – Investment Banker at CODE Advisors
Marek Baerlein – Managing Director at Berlin Ventures
Christina Ku – Director at DoCoMo Capital
Evan Schoenbach – Associate at Mosaic Ventures
Yanev Suissa – Investor at NEA
Bart Swanson – Advisor at Horizons Ventures
William McQuillan – Partner at Frontline Ventures
Christophe Maire – Partner at Atlantic Internet
Sitar Teli – Managing Partner at Connect Ventures
Nick Brito – Investment Team at Fidelity Growth Partners
Rob McCombie – Investment Director at CBPE Capital
Mike Chalfen – Partner at Mosaic Ventures
Kevin Primat – Principal at Primwest Family Office
Richard Gourlay – Managing Partner at Sussex Place Ventures
Meg Sloan – VP Marketing at Foundation Capital
Helen McBreen – Venture Leader at NDRC
Rainer Maerkle – Partner at HV Holtzbrinck Ventures
Jan Claussen – Investment Manager at eCAPITAL Partners
Bengt Häger – Investment Manager at MOOR
Matthew Van Niekerk – Head of Platform Innovation & Development at KBC Securities
Sam Friend – Director at Friendlyfly Investments
Paul Degueuse – Associate at 360° Capital Partners
Sunil Sharma – Managing Director at Extreme Venture Partners
Fred von Graf – Sr. Venture Manager at ASU Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Mohit Gulati – Vice President at Oliphans Capital
Hilton Tam – CEO at Bright Success Capital
Vivian Bertseka – Director at Generation Investment Management
David Soskin – Partner at Howzat Partners
Gillian Buckley – Investment Manager at Western Investment Fund
Eren Canarslan – Associate at iLab Ventures
Takayuki Inagawa – CEO at DoCoMo Innovations
Chloé Giard – Analyst at Idinvest Partners
Ore Adeyemi – Director at HSBC Strategic Innovation Investments
Gerald Pittner – Investor at Candide Ventures
John Kenny – Investor at Delta Partners
Dónal O’Sullivan – M&A Associate at Eli Global
Michael Brehm – Managing Director at Rebate Networks
Magnus Emilson – CEO at Visit Technology Group
Imran Akram – Principal at DN Capital
Russell Rosenblum – CEO at RMR Capital
Philipp Hartmann – Managing Partner at Rheingau Founders
Greg Wolf – Managing Director at Widebridge
Donatella Callegaris – Director at Columbia Lake Partners
Samuli Siren – Managing Director at Redstone Digital
Gregoire Michaux – Business Development at Redwood Capital Group
Bernd Schrüfer – Partner at Astutia Ventures
Nick Daniels – COO at Alliants
Hugh O’Driscoll – Partner at Leaf Investments
Alan Maguire – Partner at Leaf Investments
Orla Rimmington – Partner at Kernel Capital
Alex Dunsdon – Investment Director at SAATCHiNVEST
Lars Vangen Jordet – CEO at Schibsted Growth Norway
Radoslav Vasina – Investment Manager at Innovations and Technologies Fund
Piotr Wilam – CEO & Leading Investor at Innovation Nest
Tom Shinkwin – Partner at Enterprise Equity Venture Capital
Marcos Osório – Analyst at Portugal Ventures
Kim Pham – Head of Platform at Frontline Ventures
Eugene Smyth – Investment Advisor at AIB Seed Fund
Tommy De Temmerman – Treasury & Financial Markets at Belfius Bank
Drew O’Sullivan – Director at Propeller Accelerator
Maoiliosa O’Culachain – Chairman at Fola Private Partners
Seth Kundrot – Director at Moorland Partners
Lee Hayes – Managing Director at Evercore
Maciej Bogaczyk – Investment Manager at MCI Management
Michael Culligan – National Director at HBAN
Duco Sickinghe – Managing Partner at Fortino CVA
Paul Deninger – Senior Managing Director at Evercore
Hannah Blake – Programme Manager at BBCW Labs, BBC Worldwide
Dermot Berkery – Investor at Delta Partners
Christian Siegele – Founding Partner at Iris Capnamic Management
Andrus Oks – Investment Manager at SmartCap
Lukas Bennemann – Investment Manager at VCDE Venture Partners
Erik Schut – President at WoodWing Ventures
Eilon Tirosh – Investor at Angel Investor
Kai Schmude – COO at Venista Ventures
Min-Sung Kim – Partner at XLhealth
Gavin Bourke – Director at Nebula Ventures
Ido Sum – Investment Director at TLcom Capital
Michael Edwards – Founding Partner at Inspire Group Investments
Thomas Usher – Associate at Summit Partners
Bernhard Friedl – President of the Management Board at Tele Polska Holding
Colin Sebastian – MD, Senior Research Analyst, Internet & Interactive Entertainment at Baird
Rune Theill – Co-founder at Rockstart Accelerator
Olivier de Duve – CEO at MyMicroInvest
Edoardo Bosio – CEO at Embed Capital
Cornelis Mudde – Investor at Linden Mobile Ventures
Stephen Partridge – Head of Strategic Assets & Investments (M&A) at
Julie McDermott – Founder & CEO at McDermott Capital
Danny Razore – Entrepreneur at OG Investments
Oliver Kempkens – CEO at Adapt Or Die Ventures

Why not have a look at the 50 Investors we announced last week.

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