What brings these 100 Investors to Dublin in November?

In November the tech world is coming to Dublin. Want to be there?

Are you an investor and want to attend?


Each week between now & November 3 we’ll be sharing some of the people, places & things that will be at Web Summit. Today it’s people – investors to be specific! This group of eclectic VC’s, Angels & more have invested in some of the world’s most successful companies as well as some of today’s most promising and exciting companies.

Oh and they’re not just investors – one of them is one of the world’s most famous rappers, another is one of the leading names in the Miami Dolphins – and that’s just two of the 100 stories. Lets take a look:

Steve Herrod – Managing Director – General Catalyst Partners

Steve is the Managing Director of American venture capital firm, General Catalyst Partners, a firm which has invested in high profile startups such as Snapchat, Stripe, Airbnb, Hubspot, Datalogix and Warby Parker. Steve concentrates on early stage startups, but invests in information technology companies of all sizes.
Previously the C.T.O. and Sr. VP of R&D at Vmware, during his 11 year tenure Steve delivered numerous industry changing products leading to over $4 billion in revenue and was named C.T.O. of the year in 2009.

Edith Yeung – Partner – 500 Startups

Edith is a Partner at 500 Mobile Collective Fund, focused on investing in mobile apps and consumer internet startups. Some of her investments include Fleksy, Mighty Text, Pack, Bounce.io etc. She is also an advisor to Strikingly. Prior to 500, Edith ran marketing for Dolphin browser, a Sequoia-backed company with over 150M installs.


Nas Jones – Partner – Queensbridge Venture Partners

Well known for his music credentials, having been recognised by NME as the worlds best living rapper. Founder of Queensbridge Venture Partners, Nas has spent the last few years clocking up some major credentials on the technology scene. One of the first investors in Rap Genius, Queensbridge Ventures went on to become early investors in various other big players, such as Dropbox, Lyft, SeatGeek and Walker and Company.

nas jones

Dharmesh Shah – Angel Investor

Dharmesh Shah is co-founder and CTO of HubSpot. Prior to HubSpot, he was founder and chief executive officer of Pyramid Digital Solutions, a software company, which was acquired by SunGard Data Systems in 2005. An angel investor in over 40 startups, and a frequent speaker on the topic of startups and inbound marketing.


Matt Higgins – RSE Ventures

Matt is the President & CEO of RSE Ventures, as well as Vice Chairman of the Miami Dolphins American Football Franchise. Matt co-founded RSE in 2012 – the company focuses on sports, entertainment and technology, and has invested in various technologies including FanVision, Thuzio & Poptip.


Also joining us in Dublin:

Aviad Eyal – Partner – Entrée Capital
Miia Bovellan – Founding Partner – Proxy Ventures
Andrin Bachmann – Partner – Piton Capital
Philippe Collombel – Managing Partner – Partech Ventures
Jeppe Zink – General Partner – Northzone
John Doran – Principal – TCV
Neal Dempsey – Managing General Partner – Bay Partners
Naveen Wadhera – Director – TA Associates
Zachary Ware – Partner – VegasTechFund
Manish Patel – Partner – Highland Capital
John Ruffolo – Chief Executive Officer – OMERS Ventures
Mor Yegerman – General Manager – Mail.Ru Group
Peter Globokar – Managing Director – Mooreland Partners
Alexandre Barbosa – Managing Partner – Faber Ventures
Benjamin Dahl – Partner – Pelion Venture Partners
Patrick S Chung – Co-founder and General Partner – Xfund
David Soskin – Co-founder – Howzat Partners
Adrian Lloyd – Partner – Episode 1 Ventures
Andrew Lugsdin – Partner – BDC Venture Capital
Robert Hegedues – Founder and Managing Partner – Fiedler Capital
Bradford Lightcap – Corporate Development & Strategy – Dropbox
Alpesh Doshi – Partner – Redcliffe Capital
Aapo Bovellan – Founding Partner – Proxy Ventures
Gil Dibner – Venture Syndicate Lead – AngelList Syndicate
Maximilien Bacot – Founding Partner – Breega Capital
Tony Saigh – Managing Partner – Saber Growth Partners
Brian Caulfield – Partner – DFJ Esprit
Gil Doukhan – Investment Manager – Iris Capital
John Scully – Partner – Sculley Brothers
Barak Goldstein – Founder & CEO – TerraLab Venture
Cornelis Jansen – Director – INKEF Capital
Andre de Haes – Founder – BACKED VC
Rory O’Sullivan – Managing Director – Bulger Partners
Marek Baerlein – Founder & CEO – Berlin Ventures
Ari Helgason – Investor – Dawn Capital
Ido Hochman – Assistant Director – Rothschild
Val Babajov – Founder and General Partner – VoiVoda Ventures
Jonathan Becker – Vice President – e.ventures
Ciaran Hynes – Managing Partner – COSIMO Venture Partners
Yann Kandelman – Head of Digital Development – Orange Digital Ventures
Thomas Whiteaker – Executive Director – BBVA Ventures
Yaniv Golan – General Partner – lool Ventures
Russell Rosenblum – Founder – RMR Capital
Chad Nitschke – Co-Founder & CEO – Insure.VC
Robert Schwartz – Managing Partner – Third Point Ventures
Jerome Masurel – CEO – 50 Partners
Stephen Mccann – Chief Financial Officer – SOSventures
Hilton Tam – CEO and Founder – Bright Success Capital
Ashish Puri – Investment Manager – Episode 1 Ventures
Lukas Bennemann – Investment Manager – VCDE Venture Partners
Marina Vukovic – ‎Investment Manager – CommerzVentures
Gregor Beusmans – Partner – Nordian Capital Partners
Eran Bielski – Associate Analyst – Entree Capital
Brian Sheridan – Partner – COSIMO Venture Partners
Lorenz Hartung – Partner & Managing Director – TechFounders
Robert Jan Galema – ‎Managing Director – Inkef Capital
Jordan Bocskov – Managing Partner – Fiedler Capital
Ville Riekkinen – Senior Advisor – Tekes
Jimmy Li – Corporate Development – Dropbox
Jean-Baptiste Dumont – Principal – Serena Capital
Natasha Ratanshi – Associate – Piton Capital
Ian Lane – Principal – Unilever Ventures
Kinga Stanisławska – Managing Partner – Experior Venture Fund
Boris Golden – Principal – Partech Ventures
Helle Uth – ‎Investment Manager – Seed Capital
Mike Chen – Founder – SWELL Ventures
Shawn Cherian – Associate – Third Point Ventures
Istvan Jonyer – Partner – NexStar Partners
Julian Bennet – Senior Associate – Hg Capital
Sascha Hausmann – Partner – Howzat Partners
Seth Kundrot – Executive Director – Mooreland Partners
Christoph Gerlinger – ‎Founder and CEO – German Startups Group
Carl Ledbetter – Managing Director – Pelion Venture Partners
Jan Christoph Gras – Founding Partner – Berlin Ventures
Kevin Kimsa – Managing Director – OMERS Ventures
Gareth Jefferies – Associate – Northzone
Sara Hill – Cofounder & CEO – The Mill Accelerator
Etienne Moreau – Strategy manager M&A – Orange Digital Ventures
Patrick Olson – Portfolio Manager – VegasTechFund
Luca Martinelli – Principal – b-to-v Partners
Teddie Wardi – Vice President – Dawn Capital
Olli Arojärvi – Financial Manager – Tekes
Rui Jerónimo – Associate – Caixa Capital
Chris Kolenaty – Alternative Investments – Snow Leopard Technology Ventures
Benoit Marrel – Founding Partner – Breega Capital
Jérémy Küper – Investment & Portfolio Manager – BPO Capital
Pedro Ribeiro Santos – Executive Director – Espírito Santo Ventures
Anirudh Damani – Founder – Artha Venture Partners
Charlie Cannell – Digital Director – Inflexion Private Equity
Marzena Bielecka – Managing Partner – Experior Venture Fund
Renaat Berckmoes – Partner – Fortino Capital
Vincent Claes – Associate – Fortino Capital
Niels Vejrup Carlsen – Partner – SEED Capital
Yaniv Levinson – VP Business – Mail.Ru Group
Suzanna Chiu – Principal – Amadeus IT Grou


Will you be at Web Summit? Super Early Bird tickets end in two weeks. If you’re an investor and want to attend, you can request info here and Declan from our investors team will be in touch.

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