100 Incredible Journalists you’ll meet at Web Summit

The tech world is coming to Dublin in November. Don’t miss out – last chance to get your Early Bird ticket here.


Web Summit connects some of the world’s most promising entrepreneurs, with some of the world’s leading media, to share the story of the newest ideas and trends in tech. In 2014 the combined reach of the broadcast media attending to date is 1.4billion people. The combined circulation and reach of all online and print outlets attending is 502,180,747. Here are 100 journalists that will be touching down in Dublin in the first week of November:

David Carr – Columnist at The New York Times
Mark Milian – Tech Ed at Bloomberg News
Steven Bertoni – Associate Editor at Forbes
Martin Bryant – Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web
Mike Butcher – Editor-at-large at Techcrunch
David Rowan – Editor at Wired
Jennifer Schenker – Founder and Editor of Informilo
Robert Scoble – Blogger
Caroline Hyde – Financial Journalist at Bloomberg TV
Jemima Kiss – Head of Technology at The Guardian
Jonathan Krim – Tech Editor at The Wall Street Journal
Jessica Lessin – Founder at The Information
Henry Blodget – CEO/ Editor-in-Chief at Business Insider
Ben Rooney – Editor-in-chief at Informilo
Spencer Reiss – Contributing Editor at Wired
Katherine Weymouth – CEO at The Washington Post
Parmy Olson – Reporter at Forbes
Ingrid Lunden – Reporter at Techcrunch
Nicola Mattina – Blogger / Contributor Wired / Nova24
Leo Mirani – Reporter at Quartz
Amir Mizroch – EMEA Tech Editor at The Wall Street Journal
Ewan Spence – Journalist at Forbes
Laura Sydell – Digital Tech Correspondent at NPR
Georg Szalai – International Business Editor at The Hollywood Reporter
Victoria Turk – Tech Editor at Vice UK Motherboard
Robin Wauters – EdItor at Tech.eu
Ciara Byrne – Journalist at Fast Company/Venturebeat/Forbes
Robert Cookson – Digital Media Correspondent at The Financial Times
Lisa Fleisher – Reporter at The Wall Street Journal
Daniel Giacoppellli – Producer at Monocle 24
David Gilbert – Tech Correspondent at The International Business Times
Federico Guerrini – Technology Reporter at La Stampa.it
Alex Hofmann – Lead Editor at Gruenderszene.de/Vertical Media
Tom Boltman – Producer at CNN
Samantha Barry – Head of Social Media at CNN
Vincent Boland – Ireland Correspondent at The Financial Times
Henry McDonald – Ireland Correspondent at The Guardian
Alyson Shontell – Reporter for Business Insider
Tom Sykes – Journalist at The Daily Beast
Henry Blodget – CEO/ Editor-in-Chief at Business Insider
Bruce Upbin – Managing Editor at Forbes
Thorold Barker – EMEA Editor at The Wall Street Journal
Jessi Hempel – Senior Writer at WIRED
Steven Levy – Editor-in-Chief Medium
Krista Smith – West Coast Editor at Vanity Fair
Laurie Segall – Tech Correspondent at CNN
Deirdre Bolton – Anchor at Fox Business News
Stephanie Ruhle – Anchor at Bloomberg TV
Tom Cheshire – Tech Correspondent at Sky News
Rory Cellan Jones – Tech Correspondent at BBC
Brian Banmiller Business Correspondent CBS Radio
Michael Learmonth – Global Technology Editor at International Business Times
Peter Kafka – Senior Editor at Re/code
Brian Bergstein – Deputy Editor at MIT Technology Review
Matt Warman – Consumer Technology Editor at The Daily Telegraph
Brian Morrisey – Editor-in-Chief at Digiday
Matt McAllester – Europe Editor at TIME
Matthew Bishop – Globalisation Editor at The Economist
Alexandra Suich – Media Editor at The Economist
Nick Ross – Technology Editor at ABC News
Stephen Carroll – Business Reporter at France 24
Chris O’Brien – Technology Reporter at The LA Times
Sihao Xiong – Reporter at Xinhua
Mark Scott – European Technology Correspondent at The New York Times
Liam Boogar – Editor at Rude Baugette
Yves Eudes – Tech Writer at Le Monde
Stephanie Antoine – Business Correspondent at France 24
Michelle Castillo – Journalist at Adweek
John Kennedy – Editor of Silicon Republic
Russ Mitchell – Technology Editor at LA Times
Ruby Munson – Hirst Reporter at WIRED
Vlad Savov – Editor-in-Chief at The Verge
Felicity Morse – Social Media Editor The Independent
Emily Steel – Journalist at The New York Times
Kate Hickey – Managing Editor at Irish Central
Ali Altug Koca – Editor at Webrazzi
Dennis Keohane – Writer at The Boston Globe
Asa Bennett – Business Reporter at The Huffington Post
Gordon Young – Editor at The Drum
Geoffrey Smith – Europe Editor at Fortune
Anne-Marie Tomchak – Presenter/Producer at BBC
Hannah Prevett – Editor at Elite Business
Reza Chodhury – Founder at Alleywatch
Stewart Roberts – Writer at Venturebeat
Alice Antheaume – Digital Media Correspondent at TV5
David Friel – Founder at Entrepreneur Magazine
Noor Warsia – Group Editor at Digital Market Asia
Eric Auchard – EMEA Technology at Editor Reuters
Tiphaine Thuillier – Tech Journalist at L’Express
Greg Anderson – Editor at Arctic Startup
Ginko Kobayashi – Journalist at Yomiuri
Pia Buhl Anderson – Journalist at Politiken
Kiki Loizou – Business Correspondent at The Sunday Times
Shane Hickey – Innovation Correspondent at The Guardian
Ashish Sinha – Chief Editor at The Next Big What
Perrine Crequy – Editor-in-chief at La Tribune
Adrian Weckler – Tech Editor at The Irish Independent
David Lavenda Contributor Fast Company
Ronald ter Voert Chief Editor Emerce
Arda Kutsal Reporter Webrazzi
Katie Byrne – Editor at Weekend magazine Irish Independent
Will Goodbody – Science and Technology Correspondent at RTE


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