10 Startups from…Vienna!

Every week we’re featuring a selection of startups from cities around the world who’ll join 7,000+ international attendees in Dublin, October 30th and 31st. The Summit will be largest global gathering of startups, investors, tech CEO’s, media and more any where in the world in 2013.

Already flying the flag for Vienna this week we have 10 exciting early stage startups, with a feature on more established Austrian startups to follow in the coming weeks. You’ll also find a selection of featured Austrians attending the Web Summit here.


Presence through activity. Activity through versatility. Versatility through innovation.! Appum – the interactive multimedia app for creative people.!


Roomle.com is a brand new kind of market place for planning and furnishing. It combines, in a hands-on way, the search and acquisition of premium products for the living space with a universal planning and furnishing tool.


Roofnode sells 100Mbps high-speed Internet access to families in small towns with a new wireless mesh technology.

Smarter Ecommerce

We integrate personal and open data streams to provide special collaboration data storytelling formats for groups or couples to work together and express themselves in special ways.


seekda is offering an innovative software as a service solution for the online distribution of hotel rooms for the hospitality industry. seekda brings the online booking process back to the hotels website by increasing conversions and generating traffic from meta search engines.

Click for Knowledge

SYMPTOMA is a search engine for diseases. By entering symptoms, doctors can find possible causes – weighted by probability for their patient.


We create massively improved documents by motivating people to collaborate and share their knowledge to find common ground.


One of Central Europe’s largest local business search and discovery communities, with over 3mm monthly visitors and tens of thousands of customers around the world.

Socialspiel Games

AAA mobile and social games developer currently co-developing “Asterix & Friends” with Deutsche Telekom and Sproing. In addition to our own award-winning social games played by hundreds of thousands of monthly users on Facebook, Mail.ru and VKontakte, the Socialspiel team has worked together with Rockstar Games, Deep Silver, Koch Media, and more to bring high-quality social games to players around the world.


Usersnap allows any website visitor to give feedback visually in form of annotated screenshots. Users can choose between a highlighting tool and sticky notes to illustrate their feedback, directly on the website, without any installation. Use-cases are usability testing to gather qualitative feedback, visual bug reporting for web-developers and as instant channel in online customer service.

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