10 Startups from… Brazil!

Every week we’re featuring a selection of startups from cities around the world who’ll join 10,000+ international attendees in Dublin, October 30th and 31st. The Web Summit will be largest global gathering of startups, investors, tech CEO’s, media and more any where in the world in 2013.

Already flying the flag for Brazil this week we have 10 exciting early stage startups, full details on which are below. You’ll also find a selection of more startups from all over the world attending the Web Summit here.


Retroca is an online platform where parents can buy and sell like-new kids clothing of national and international brands at affordable prices with ensured quality and easiness, since all the pieces are bought by Retroca and sold on its website. Its mission is to ensure a real future for these clothes in other homes, contributing to the environment and helping other families.

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Talent Sentiment

Talent Sentiment is a web and mobile app that allows employees to intuitively and safely express their emotions and opinions regarding key performance areas of their company. It gives managers real time feedback about their team’s engagement. Talent Sentiment is also the only way senior managers are able to listen to an organization as a whole without being flooded with information and without having this information compromised by dozens of hierarchical filters.




KlugTv revolutionizes and expands your experience with everything that goes on TV. KlugTv is the most advanced and profitable 2nd screen platform able to deliver fully interactive content in sync with what you are watching on TV. Get real-time interactivity with your favorite programs and major advertisers, plus discover a new world of consumption and enjoyment.

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Paralagames Studios

In 2013 DMP Design and AKroes Media joined forces with Paralagames to develop a new generation of child friendly, multi-playable and entertain-able games. Paralagames started with the idea of fun games, and now it aims to develop fun games for all age groups, working both on mobile and desktop platforms in both 2D and 3D.




Triplit maximizes the travel experiences for travellers, companies and partners by providing “People Logistics” to achieve travel cost savings. The company aims to provide objective, simple, practical and convenient solutions. It uses a high-tech platform to ensure that there is a return on investment for its customers.



AgendaPet is the central point for pet owners, where they can find information, pets, products and, mainly, service providers. Through the site pet owners can find, book and review professionals easily. All the services that pet owners need are gathered in one portal, from buying or adopting a pet to bathing and grooming sessions and pet health care.

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Convertiva Mobile

Convertiva Mobile is dedicated to endeavors in the areas of innovation, mobility and ubiquity through mobile devices. The application is based on the idea of the cell phone and tablet as vehicles of communication and entertainment combined with the resources of smart TVs, cinema halls and night clubs.




Smartapps is a cloud platform built to develop innovative solutions as a result of smart integration between data, devices, sensors and apps. Smartapps helps to make the IoT real, providing an easy way to connect hardware to the cloud, develop apps and link them in useful information. It delivers a great experience of integration in an interactive, flexible and customizable work environment.

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IntelliMotion Sistemas Inteligentes

IntelliMotion makes home automation easy, integrated and smart. It was founded to change the home automation paradigm. With a solid integration system and a myriad of web services, houses become extensions of the web. IntelliMotion aims for simplicity, value, comfort and security.


Corretores.com.br is Brazil’s largest online community of real estate agents, with over 18,000 members in 870 cities. Corretores.com.br is a social network for real estate brokers, focused on offering a rich set of tools to speed up communication and enable business partnerships between agents who want to buy and sell property.



PicPay is a mobile wallet app that lets you pay at local stores and share money with friends as easy as sending a text message. PicPay keeps loyalty cards and discount coupons from your favorite local merchants. To get rewarded, just pay with PicPay.


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