10 Startups from… Berlin

7-1 and the good news keeps on rolling. This November, startups from all over the world will be pitching their stall to try and grab the world’s attention, and more importantly pique investors’ interest. Some of the startups coming to The Summit 2014 from Berlin this year are of particular interest due to the diverse nature of products and services on show. From tech like action camera stabilisers to online medical services, Berlin startups are ready to showcase themselves in Dublin and prove that they are the next big thing.



Combining a passion for extreme adventure sports and filmmaking, four adrenaline junkies from Berlin created LUUV, a one-handed stabiliser for action cameras and also smartphones. Easy to use and unique in design, LUUV allows skaters and snowboarders the chance to get footage of their adventures from even better angles and perspectives. 

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Founded by both Oskar Volkland and Alex Schwaderer, fraisr is a service that aims to merge e-commerce and charity; an internet marketplace that’s all for a good cause. Their website allows users to buy and sell products, with a proportion of the price donated to charity.  


Picsastock provides users with a simple way to upload and sell their authentic images to millions of other users; 50% of the commission goes straight to the owner of the images. The company is set to celebrate its second birthday this November and has enjoyed significant success since launching by giving everyday photographers and Instagram lovers a greater platform to show off their skills.


This is a company that specialises in developing digital toys on mobile platforms that connect the real and interactive digital worlds. The first project to hit the market from founders Evgeni Kouris and Christian Bittler’s is Toy Car RC, an app that allows kids to drive a virtual car in the real world with Augmented Reality.

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Set up by a hive of music-crazy software professionals, Uberchord Engineering’s mission statement is to streamline effective methods for people to improve their guitar techniques. Available on iPhone and iPad, Uberchord uses the most advanced chord recognition technology and represents a new and innovative way to learn guitar.


Using shared task lists, Effektif specialises in providing a simple workflow service that allows users to automate any of their repetitive procedures. The company was set up by Tom Baeyens, a CEO who has a specific passion for automation of tasks and maximising the efficiency of simple business processes.


Zoobe Message Entertainment are pioneering a new way to connect with friends on social network platforms. The company bring entertainment to messaging by allowing you to send animated voice recorded messages to your friends using lip-syncing Smurf and Street Fighter avatars.


iversity is a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) service that allows people from all walks of life access to free education from some of the best professors worldwide. University education has the capacity to change peoples’ lives and with iversity, users can make their first step into further education or simply broadening their horizons.

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On their unique platform, Minodes is bringing a new approach to the way customers interact with offline retailers by optimising the store’s performance from its all encompassing service. Minodes provides concise and coherent insights into every element that influences all your customers, from devoted fans of your store to those first time visitors that you want to entice back again and again.


Medlanes is an 24/7 online service that is able to provide expert medical advice when and where you need it. Through its website or app, users can have their questions answered by a qualified doctor, with Medlanes claiming the quality of their service matches that of a doctor’s appointment, but cuts out the waiting period.


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